How do I change my country on TikTok?

Do you have TikTok, and do you feel that your videos are not as well received in German-speaking countries as they are in America or the UK? Maybe you speak in English and not in German. But you are only seen by Germans through the ForYou page on TikTok?

TikTok determines the country you live in, mostly by your SIM card. That means if you change your SIM card with a foreign one, your ForYou page should match that country.

Then here is a tutorial on how to be seen by countries of your choice.

TikTok is actually quite geosensitive. This means that most of the content you upload will be distributed in your country. Each video goes on the ForYou page of a few users, and they are all in the same country as the creator. Only later, when the video is well received by these people, it will be tested in other countries.

But you want to reach only Americans or Englishmen right away? Then here is the little tutorial for you. It’s not that easy and will cost a little bit of money. But it will work 100% in 2021.



You will reach the target audience of the country ONLY if you are connected with a VPN in that country. But this is actually not enough. The second step is just as essential.


I wish it was different, but it has to be. TikTok checks your phone based on the SIM card. This contains information about your location. I tested it myself and with a SIM I had no more problems.
What was fascinating is that I immediately had only the American ForYou page after I inserted the sim card. Without activating it. That means I assume that when the sim card expires, it is still functional for this trick.

That means it is 2-20 € that you only have to pay once to reach countries.