I’ve been on Instagram since 2012 on my account @axlek and have seen quite a few people with blue hooks. It never depended on how many or few subscribers they had on their account. I’ve seen people with 100 subscribers and one blue tick, and some with several hundred thousand subscribers.

You get a blue checkmark or verification on Instagram if you can prove that you are known outside of Instagram. For example, through your own Wikipedia article, articles from renowned newspapers about you or the like.

What is a verification? / What is a blue tick?

We must first understand what a verification is.

A verification or a blue checkmark is supposed to make it immediately recognizable whether the account you are on is authentic and belongs to a known personality. It is meant to protect you from fake profiles and the risks associated with them.

That is, any movie or music star who is signed to a major film or music label will have a blue checkmark.

What do I need to get a blue checkmark on Instagram?

The most important thing you need is present tense. When I type your name on Google, something should show up. Not just your social media channels, but other things like news articles or the like. From reputable magazines or tabloids.

These are the main factors by which you will be judged whether you deserve a blue check mark or not.


Have articles been written about you in Bild? Maybe also in the FAZ or in the Welt? These would be press articles, which would definitely bring you something. You can of course try to work your way up slowly but surely.

That means you can try to present a topic to your local newspaper in which you are significantly involved, which is more interesting than the average village or city noise.

This would definitely put a point on your map to the blue tick.

Going further, of course, you can also address topics on a national scale and cause a stir, or get interviewed as an expert on a particular topic. There are many different ways to get into the press.

Last but not least, I want to say that it is also possible to buy articles on your person. Many entrepreneurs of a certain size seek validation through, for example, a blue checkmark on social media platforms. They buy an article in a major publication for 1-2 thousand euros, and maybe several of them.


If you’ve participated in some form of series or reality show, you’ll get that blue checkmark as a gift, so to speak. For example, all participants of the dating reality show “Love Island” have a blue hook. Why? Because they got a lot of press at the time and have a reason to get a blue tick.

They should not be hindered by fake profiles and identity theft at the peak of their careers.


If you are lucky enough to be signed by a music label like Warner Music, Universal or similar you can be sure that they can get you the verification.

Here even very unknown people already get a blue hook, simply because they are under a big label. Mostly big companies and agencies have direct contact to representatives of the social media platforms. Here the contacts play a big role and can get them the blue hook in no time.


If you have done anything that makes you so special that you have your own Wikipedia article, then you are also on a good way to get a blue hook. Wikipedia is like good press for you. It makes you seem well-known.


Buying blue checkmark for Instagram?

There are some dealers on the black market who still sell blue hooks. Such packages usually cost 6-10 thousand euros upwards.

However, the risks here are quite high. Once that you pay money and you never get a blue hook or it was done via some method which is not compliant with Instagram. If this is the case, your entire account can simply be deleted completely, with no chance of getting it back.

If you want to be successful on Instagram even without a blue tick, check out my article Instagram Tips for Beginners.

How do I apply for a blue tick on Instagram?

There is now a function in the Instagram app to apply for a blue hook. However, the chance of getting one with this is pretty slim, as most influencer agencies take care of this and run it through direct contacts.

Through the app you can go to your profile, then the three dashes in the top right corner of the screen, then Settings, from there Account, and now Request Verification.

What are the advantages of having a blue tick?

There are some advantages for accounts that have a blue tick. For example, they are not penalized as much as normal accounts in terms of limits. Since it is assumed that verified accounts don’t cause spam, they can thus like more, write more Dm’s, etc.

Also, you will be shown at the top of the comments as well as DM’s and story views list and your blue tick will be shown right there. This definitely gives you more opportunities to become even more popular.

It always seems different for people to come to your profile if you have a blue tick as opposed to if you don’t have one. If you have one, people are usually more impressed and look longer on your profile than if you don’t have one.



You shouldn’t chase the blue tick and try to get it all the time. It has become a status symbol, but you have to earn it. Just try to work on what you like to do and produce good content.

If people like your content and you stick with it for a long time, you may eventually get the blue tick. But it is not essential for you to have it.

There are influencers with millions of followers without a blue tick. I don’t think they are that upset about it, they just do their thing.

If you have any other questions about the topic, feel free to drop them in the comments. I will try to answer every comment under this article or even add this question to my article.