Everyone wants to get more views on TikTok. I myself have had several videos over 500 thousand and two over 1 million views on TikTok. But how do you achieve such success? There is always some chance and luck involved, but there are also certain tips you can apply to maximize your chances. That is what this article is about.

You get more views on TikTok because the TikTok algorithm displays your video on more For You pages. You achieve this by the people who watch the video, watch your video until the end, or even more. The longer the viewers stay, the more you are pushed.

But how do I get people to watch my video multiple times or watch it to the end? If it were that easy, everyone would do it. But only a few are often successful on TikTok and can make video after video go viral. This is because they have understood their target audience and apply certain principles in their Tiktoks. Here I present you a basic outline of what you need to know to get more views on TikTok.



I will show you here a TikTok video scheme which most popular TikTok videos have. You can have a look on your ForYou Page after reading and compare!


It is very important to get the attention of your viewers in a short time. If you watch people using TikTok, you will notice that most videos are skipped in the first few seconds. Especially when people don’t know what the TikTok is about. That’s why it’s best to have quick cuts at the beginning, text about the topic or something similar to build up a hook.


In the middle, you must not bore the viewer. He must be curious about the ending. No matter if you tell a story, use a filter or similar. The attention must be held. Snaps and zooms help here to keep the image from being too static.


A short resolution to release the tension is perfect. Most trends are also designed with this structure in mind.


@axlekIt looks really good! 🤩 ig: axlek     ♬ оригинальный звук – фонари на твоëм голом теле
@axlek The one time I wore rings again 😅 ♬ we want to play with you… – FAYA


Most of the videos on the ForYou Page have text. Why? Because there are people who watch TikTok without sound. Just for them this text is important. But also for people who want to understand the meaning of the TikTok video as fast as possible without investing much time. I can tell you that text will definitely increase your watch time!


Trends are the easiest way to get a lot of views. Since trends always bring a lot of people to the ForYou page, you could be one of them. The important thing is not to do exactly the same as everyone else, but to show your own style in the video. Because why should people watch a video twice if it is exactly the same content. Unfortunately, you can’t copy success just like that.


There are certain “trends” that fall under this category. Among them things like “Tell one of your opinion that is controversial” whereupon many people have used the stitch function and expressed their opinion.


If you don’t post at least 1-2 TikToks a day, you won’t have a successful channel on the platform. Not everyone may hear that, but it’s true. TikTok is the platform with the shortest attention span. If people don’t see you for a week, someone else has taken your place. 1-2 videos a day is still no guarantee to succeed, but it lays the foundation you need to maybe succeed with it.


I hope this article was able to help you a bit when it comes to getting more views on TikTok and never getting 0 views on your Tiktoks again. If you have any other questions about this topic, feel free to post them in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer everyone.